Patriots former offensive lineman, and German native, Sebastian Vollmer gets the Pats ready for Sunday’s Patriots-Vikings game at Gillette Stadium.

Brady and a few of his teammates paid a visit to “Sea Bass’ School Of German.”

In the video Brady screams, Let’s go in German, and then claims to be German himself.

Not sure would agree with Tom’s assessment of his lineage, but you never know.

If Tom says he’s German, then we should probably believe him. 

But just in case, we did a little digging. 


Tom is the son of Galynn Patricia (Johnson) and Thomas Brady. His father is of Irish descent, with possibly a small amount of English. His mother is of approximately one quarter Swedish, one quarter Norwegian, and one half Polish (with possibly some German), ancestry. Tom is married to Brazilian model Gisele Bündchen, with whom he has two children. Tom also has a son with his former partner, actress Bridget Moynahan. His brother-in-law is baseball player Kevin Youkilis, who is married to Tom’s sister, Julie.

Tom’s paternal grandfather was Harry Christopher Brady (the son of Phillip/Philip F. Brady and Ellen G. Donahue). Harry was born in California, to Irish parents.Tom’s paternal grandmother was Margaret Patricia “Peggy” Buckley (the daughter of Michael J. Buckley and Barbara G. Lally). Margaret was born in California.

Michael was born in Wisconsin, the son of Patrick Buckley, from Inniscarra, County Cork, Ireland, and of Brigid Donlon/Donlen, from Ennis, County Clare, Ireland. Barbara was born in Staffordshire, England, and was possibly of Irish and English ancestry.Tom’s maternal grandfather is Gordon E. Johnson (the son of Arthur W. “Art” Johnson and Rena Lund). Gordon was born in Minnesota. Arthur was born in Minnesota, to Swedish parents.

Rena was born in Norway.Tom’s maternal grandmother was Bernice Theresa Obitz (the daughter of Charles John “Charley” Obitz and Anna/Annie Stish). Bernice was born in Minnesota.

Charles was born in Minnesota, the son of Wilhelm/William Opitz/Obitz, who was possibly an ethnic German, and of Maria/Mary Ulik, who was Polish. Anna was born in Nebraska, of Polish descent, the daughter of Peter Stish, from Opole, and Katarzyna Anastasia Koslicki.


Maybe Tom will work in some German this weekend in the huddle. 

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