Hall of Fame linebacker Charles Haley has said Jerry Jones has built a house of losers. With the Dallas Cowboys being only one of four teams that haven’t been to the Superbowl in the last 20 years what is Jerry Jones thinking?  

 “I don’t think they understand what it takes to win a game,” Haley said during an appearance on 103.3 ESPN in Dallas (by way of the Dallas Morning News). “If you want to look back, if that was Coach [Jimmy] Johnson, we would’ve worked harder than we did last year just to repeat that part of it. I don’t see that maturity where guys are doing their own thing out there. When the coach says run 10, you run 15, or you grab your teammates and go run. They took 13-3 for granted and they thought, ‘OK, we’ll win the Super Bowl the next year.'”  

The Dallas Cowboys Hall of Famer continued to go in. 

 “I blame everybody. It’s one team and everybody’s together. And that’s the key. I go over there and I tell guys, ‘Man, Jerry [Jones] built this house for a bunch of damn losers.’ And they get mad. They have to do something about it. I can’t do anything about it, I can’t play. All I can do is give you some knowledge. And then the egos are so big and they’re so busy getting on Twitter and Facebook and everything else — maybe they should get in that playbook. Maybe they should learn how to rush, catch and block.   

Charles Haley won five Super Bowls with the 49ers and Cowboys during his 13 NFL seasons. He recorded 100.5 sacks during his career and is now a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  So maybe he’s earned the right to say whatever he wants. More from Haley below: 

 “I tell those guys nobody’s scared of them. Ain’t nobody in the league scared of y’all. What y’all been doing is listening to people saying you’ve got the best offensive line in the business. I said who’s scared of y’all? Huh? Those little things like that, those intangibles, the attitude you take to the field [matters] . … I go over there and I watch guys work. I watch them go through drills. They go through three or four drills and they’re gassed.”  

All they need is Haley back on the field. When Haley was playing for America’s team, the Cowboys were 59-21, made the playoffs all five seasons and won three Super Bowls. Pretty great stats.