Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry did not have his night in the 114-118 defeat against the Washington Wizards in the capital, on April 21. ‘Steph’ scored 18 points on 7-25 shooting from the field of which she shot 2-14 for three points. It was his worst percentage of the season. In that way, a streak of 11 games in which one of the greatest ever scorers in the NBA tallied more than 30 points ended.

With those 11 outstanding games, during which he even managed to score 49 points – in the victory over Philadelphia, on April 19 – Curry became the first player since Kobe Bryant with such a streak. The late ‘Black Mamba’ had 10 games with 30 or more points, exactly 9 years ago. However, Curry is the oldest player with such a streak in the history of the league – at the age of 33.

Chamberlain still rules franchise

Curry also has the longest streak in the history of its franchise ever since Wilt Chamberlain in 1964. Steph’s numbers are impressive even by his standards. Last week, he averaged 43.8 points with a shot of about 55 % for three, and he had close to six rebounds and five assists.

Curry has been explaining his game lately by saying that he has reached his best form when it mattered most. He reminded us all that this has usually been the case in his career and that he is glad that it has not changed yet. Curry emphasized that he has always been trying to keep his form growing as the season progresses. 

“People say that what Steph is doing is magic, but it’s a combination of talent and extremely hard work,” said Warriors coach Steve Kerr.

Warriors’ fight for Playoffs continues

The star of the Warriors has scored 32, 36, 37, 41, 32, 38, 53, 42, 33, 47, and 49 points for his team since March 29 and the victory over Chicago. The side from San Francisco is currently at the record of 29-30. They are in ninth place in the charts of the Western Conference, and they will have to fight hard for a place in the Playoffs by the end of the season.

Maybe it is time for the new streak of a two-time MVP and three-time NBA champion. Actually, it is quite realistic to happen given Curry’s shape this season. Why not compare betting lines and bonuses at online gambling sites, such as the best PayPal casinos, and put some money on this.