Dak Prescott a Dallas Cowboys QB revealed just over a week ago that he would not participate in any on-field protest over the National Anthem. 

“The game of football has always brought me such peace, and I think it does the same for a lot of people—a lot of people playing the game, a lot of people watching the game, a lot of people who have any impact of the game—so when you bring such controversy to the stadium, to the field, to the game it takes away. It takes away from that, it takes away from the joy and the love that football brings a lot of people.”

He continued on to say that he believes the protests made their initial point, to raise awareness. Now that the entire country is aware, Prescott believes that another step must be taken.

That prompted an artist to get to work, and create a beautiful mural after Dak took a lot of heat for his Anthem comments, siding with his Boss Jerry Jones. Looks like it has been vandalized, like every other mural that resonates with people. Check out the defacing below:  

Here is the mural before someone vandalized it. That’s a good looking piece of art.