Tristan Thompson took to Instagram to show some love for his baby mama, Khloé Kardashian, and all her great success with her clothing brand, Good American. 

“Proud of you momma,” Tristan captioned his Instagram story along with two heart-eyed emojis. It’s so refreshing to see Tristan supporting Khloé, especially after the whirlwind year the couple has had! 

This was possibly in response to him being photographed with some lady ‘friends’ in Toronto. We know Khloe doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to what’s trending with Tristan. 

Khloe has been on a promotional tour throughout Nordstrom stores across the US and clearly, it’s paying off! People are obsessed with Khloé’s fast-growing fashion empire. Tristan is a cheat, and as far as I know a Zebra never changes his stripes.