So usually sports reporters break big news on Twitter, and it goes viral, but today the guy dropping big news on Twitter and blowing everything up in one tweet is Portland Trailblazers star Damian Lillard. 

This Fresno Bee profile confirmed this news is 100% true and that it was broken by Lillard:

The Fresno native’s rise from unpaid freelancer, one who relied on food stamps to feed his wife and family, to highly paid and sought-after NBA reporter — all in less than a decade — took another step Wednesday when news broke that Haynes will be departing ESPN after his two-year contract expires in October to join Yahoo Sports.

In a clever reversal of the norm, Haynes’ move to Yahoo was announced on Twitter by Damian Lillard, the Trail Blazers guard and three-time NBA All-Star.

Of course the tweets were flying in, and some of them were pretty funny. Check them out below: