White Sox young star Jose Abreu revealed to reporters the reason for his surgery on August 21st that has kept him on the disabled list.  He had what is called testicular torsion, a condition that causes severe pain and swelling after a testicle rotates, twisting the spermatic cord that brings blood to the scrotum. 

Via NBC Sports Chicago:

“It was one of my testicles turned sideways and was strangled,” he said through a team translator. “The doctor had to perform emergency surgery to save it. I never thought about it, but it was serious. The doctors they did a very good job and everything is good. They saved the testicle. I’m really glad and thankful like I said before for all the people who helped me and who were there for me. I feel very grateful right now.”

That’s a pretty good reason to be on the disabled list.  We’re glad to hear they were able to relieve his pain and save his testicle.  Probably the most important save involving the White Sox this season.