The 50-year-old UFC president has accepted a challenge from ESPN personality Dan Le Batard, 51, to a charity fight, with White agreeing to donate $250,000 to the cause. Following a heated interview with White over the low-percentage payouts given to UFC fighters, Le Batard’s co-host, “Stugotz,” asked when White and Le Batard would fight.

Le Batard appeared to jokingly extend the challenge, though White may be calling his bluff, with the substantial pledge to a charity for the fight to take place.

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“Dan Le Batard is a bigmouth. He’s all talk and no action,” White said on ESPN. “I can promise you if he’s even remotely serious, it ends very badly for him. But, Dan Le Batard, if you are serious, I’ll put up $250,000 for whatever charity we come up with and we can do it, pal.”

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