“‘Oh, he’s the most physically gifted quarterback.  Oh, he’s the best quarterback of all time!’  No, he’s not.  And we’re changing the grading system here on quarterbacks.  ‘Oh, he’s the most physically gifted.’  What does that even mean?  I mean, is Aaron Rodgers more physically gifted than Randall Cunningham?  And there’s a lot of guys who are physically gifted.  Cam Newton is physically gifted.”

“‘Oh, if you were going to start your team.’  OK.  What does that even mean?  Tom Brady’s not going to be picked because he doesn’t do anything glamorous.  OK.  Don’t change the grading system here.  Jamarcus Russell was one of the most physically gifted quarterbacks of all time.”

“What am I missing with Aaron Rodgers?  I just don’t think he can live up to all the praise.  This is one of the few negatives about Aaron Rodgers, but we’ve started to see a little more of that the last couple of years.  There’s been so much praise, in an era where you had Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.  But Aaron Rodgers is the guy you’d start your team with.”

“You don’t get style points.  You don’t get extra points for how pretty you’re doing it.”

Beautifully done, Dan.

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