Danica Patrick went ahead with Aaron Rodgers birthday celebration even though the Packers lost a terrible game to the Arizona Cardinals. 

To make matter worse, Aaron’s longtime head coach Mike McCarthy got the ax after the loss.  

Rodgers’ surprise 35th birthday party after the Green Bay Packers, Arizona Cardinals game at Lambeau Field ended up going off without a hitch, even though the mood wasn’t all that great after the Packers lost an easy game at home.  

Looks like he was ready for the big surprise though. 

Via Madison.com

“There’s some sort of surprise being cooked up,” Rodgers said late in the week as he and the Packers (4-6-1) prepped for the first of five straight must-win games to keep their faint playoff hopes alive. “I do know there’s some people I really enjoy who are coming (to town). I’ve gotten word that (ex-Packers teammates) A.J. (Hawk) is probably coming and (Matt) Flynn is probably coming. So I’m pretty pumped about that.”

Rodgers kind of knew something was coming. 

We have some pictures of the event. It was a Cowboys themed Murder Mystery party. 

Take a look below: 

Interesting to see the Packers going on with their planned activities in spite of a brutal loss, and the news that their head coach was canned. 

It doesn’t seem like Rodgers was too upset. 

You can check out more pics of Aaron’s girlfriend Danica below: 

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