Darren Rovell has found himself at the center of a Twitter storm after users accused him of placing disproportionately large bets in order to inflate his sports betting record. He then had them changed on AN’s tracking app to make it appear they had never happened.

Via the Daily Beast

The former ESPN sports-business journalist was called out after bragging on Sunday about his winnings for the year so far and urging his two million followers to join up to AN for mobile sports betting picks.

But eagle-eyed followers spotted that had it not been for two oversized bets placed in January, Rovell would have been in the red for college basketball. Some accused him of inflating his results in a bid to pimp AN, which offers a subscription-based service providing “exclusive betting data” and other tools for the budding sports bettor.

Rovell bet 50 units on the under for Virginia at Duke and 150 units on the under for Michigan at Indiana, both at -110. The first bet was a loser, but the second one netted him 136.36 units. So, what exactly did he do wrong?

Rovell had someone go back and alter those two January bets on his AN betting tracking app, changing the outlay in each case to just one unit. Cue more eagle-eyed Twitter followers picking up on it, cue more outrage.

Now Rovell claimed that the January bets were a mistake — that he had confused units and dollar amounts when entering in the data and was simply going back and correcting this. It’s an explanation that might have held water had he not appeared to acknowledge the 136-unit winning bet on Twitter back in January when he was initially called out on it.

“I use units as how confident I am,” he shot back at criticism on January 26.

Rovell was caught bragging about his gambling success.

He tweeted out a screenshot of his winning percentage on all wagers from the year to date, which now stood at approximately 54 percent. Then he encouraged his over two million followers to partake in all the gambling advice and information available on the Action Network’s app.

Unfortunately he got caught red handed. Someone called him out on Twitter. 

What a phony.

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