Davante Adams has caught 77 receptions (tied for sixth in the NFL) for 1,022 yards (eighth) and 10 touchdowns (fourth).

Adams doesn’t believe he’s getting the respect his talent warrants and certainly not the respect that the best wideout in the game deserves.

Adams’ is having a great season, but everyone is talking about how the Packers stink, and Aaron Rodgers is losing his GOAT Status. 

His stats haven’t moved Adams into the conversation of higher-echelon talents, according to the fifth-year talent.

“I feel like if you ask people,” Adams said, “certain people will say that I’m a top receiver. But if you ask people to name their top receivers, they won’t mention me. So that’s where the disrespect is coming from. I don’t think they say, ‘Davante Adams sucks.’ But they think that top five, they put the same celebrities in there every time.”

More than anything, perhaps, Adams’ notoriety will grow simply by establishing himself as a consistent talent.

“I think I just need to put together a resume that reflects what I’m saying,” he said. “It’s not fair for me at this point to say this, or to stand on the podium and scream out to the world I’m the best, but I feel like I’m the best receiver at this point in my career. Where I’m at with my abilities, I feel like I am the best.

If the Packers were winning this season, he’d be a lot more talked about. Instead he’s being overshadowed by Rodgers and Mike McCarthy. 

It doesn’t really matter if you put up big stats when your team isn’t playing well. 

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