Thunder star Russell Westbrook is certainly no stranger to exchanging words with his opponents.  That was the case on Friday when the Hawks came to town.

In the third quarter of the Thunder’s 124-109 win over Atlanta, both Westbrook and Hawks veteran Vince Carter received technical fouls.  

The two were T’d up after exchanging words when the ball ended up in the Hawks bench.  The ball was tossed to Westbrook by someone on the bench and he threw it back before he and Carter got into it.

After the back-and-forth Westbrook knocked down a tough shot right in front of the Hawks bench and let them know about it.

That’s a veteran move by Carter.  He knew he wasn’t going to get into the game, so he gets a technical foul so he shows up in the box score.  

This is how you collect an NBA check into your 40s.