Former Red Sox star David Ortiz was shot in the back at a bar in the Dominican Republic on Sunday night and spent six hours in surgery having his injuries repaired.  The motive for the shooting appeared, from the security footage, to be an assassination attempt. 

According to the Daily Mail, that’s exactly what it was.  They claim that the shooters are two cops, who were hired by a drug lord to kill Ortiz.  The former Major Leaguer was allegedly having an affair with the drug lord’s wife.

Via Daily Mail:

Police in the Dominican Republic believe former Boston Red Sox star David ‘Big Papi’ Ortiz was shot by two cops hired by a Dominican Republic drug lord who believed the baseball player was having an affair with his wife, has learned. 

Three law enforcement sources confirmed the motive on Monday as Ortiz, 43, recovered in the hospital.   

The drug lord has not been named. 

Ortiz is also married and there is video circulating that allegedly shows his wife and mistress being separated at the hospital after the shooting.

We weren’t kidding when we said we thought there was more to the story.  If this is all true, then there was definitely more to the story than just a random shooting at a bar.

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