Raptors All-Star DeMar DeRozan shed light on his struggles with mental health back in March, telling the Toronto Star that “it’s one of them things that no matter how indestructible we look like we are, we’re all human at the end of the day.”

In an interview with ESPN, DeRozan further addressed the subject and highlighted his goal of helping others:

You get to a certain age where you feel like it’s all about helping others. It’s not about you just being a selfish person about the things you’re going through – other people are going through stuff as well. If you can share that and put that on the forefront, it can help somebody. Whether it’s one person, a hundred, a thousand. I just finally got to that point where it was time for me to say something.

Now we have this interesting post from DeMar on his IG story, which reads: 

“Dark days, darker nights”

Could this be a reference to his mental health, or is this just something completely unrelated? I hope he’s just enjoying a song, but man, hope it’s not him going through something dark. Enjoy the offseason DeMar, you’ve earned it.