Skip Bayless went on one of his famous rants on Tuesday morning when discussing the Cavs-Celtics Game 4.  He let loose on the Celtics, going as far as to call them the Boston Raptors.

“I’m getting sick and tired of the Boston Celtics. I’ve seen enough.  They’re overrated.  They got exposed in Game 3 and exposed in Game 4 for what they were.  They were the 18th ranked offense in the entire NBA and that was with Kyrie Irving.”

The king of the trolls is back.  This is how you troll a fan base with precision.  Skip is a multimillionaire for a reason and he proved it with this one.   

Skip is also not wrong on this one.  LeBron used Game 1 & 2 to feel out the Celtics and see how they planned to attack the Cavs.  He then turned it up in Cleveland and counterpunched to even the series.  If Game 5 goes the Cavs way, the series is over.