Yesterday Dez Bryant spent a good portion of the day trolling his former team, the Dallas Cowboys, who lost 16-8 to the Carolina Panthers.

Bryant, who was cut by the Cowboys in April and is continuing to look for a job after interest from the Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns, spent time during the game,as well as postgame  calling out his former team but not his former teammates.

When Bryant saw that offensive coordinator Scott Linehan did not comment after the game, he chimed in.

He also interacted with some fans. 

Dez mentioned “garbage-ass” playcalling.

Bryant then tweeted about playing with the New England Patriots or the Washington Redskins.

But the man doesn’t need any work, he’s fine. 

IF this is what Dez will be doing each and every Sunday, I think he may need to find another hobby, or a job. The guy is too good to be a full time Arm chair Quarterback.