Brandon Ingram appeared to be happy when he found out that he had been traded to the Pelicans in the Anthony Davis trade.  A video of him appearing to take a shot at LeBron James on a livestream started to make the rounds on Wednesday evening.

In the video Ingram can be heard saying, “strive for goatness?  Bogus, bogus as hell.”  

So the former Laker must be taking a shot at LeBron, right?  Not so fast.  Ingram was actually responding to a person’s name on the livestream. 

“Strive for Goatness” suggested that Ingram should fail his physical on purpose, so the Lakers would have to trade Kyle Kuzma instead.  That’s what he said was bogus.

LeBron might be the reason Ingram is happy to be traded, but he wasn’t throwing any shade the all-time great’s way here.

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