The Game Day, a digital sports media company that offers the latest sports news, betting odds, and sportsbook reviews and promotions, has recently joined the casino market with their brand-new online platform, The Game Day Casino. Here, casino enthusiasts will be able to find the best online casinos and bonuses. Whether players are looking for a new online casino to join, boost their earnings with casino bonuses, or just get the pulse of this ever-expanding industry, The Game Day Casino promises a curated, one-stop experience that both beginners and experts will love. 

Focusing on the US market, The Game Day Casino lists the most trusted online casinos for various states, aiming to inform and educate their users on the best places to spend their time. The website features in-depth reviews and comparisons for both free and paid online casinos, as well as tips on how to play various casino games and news about the industry as a whole.

The launch of this new service was met with enthusiasm by fans of The Game Day, which is one of the most popular platforms in its niche. Although it was just set up in May 2020 by an award-winning production and social media team, The Game Day quickly rose to power as one of the leading entertainment networks focused on North American sports and sports betting. In only a year, they gained over 1.2 million followers on Instagram, and, in September 2021, they reached an impressive landmark: 100 million monthly impressions while operating solely by word of mouth. The media company has great plans for the upcoming NFL season, announcing a selection of programming and content hosted by experienced betting analysts and YouTube creators.

According to The Game Day Co-Founder and CEO Matt Heiman, the company saw a great opportunity in the US gambling marketplace, and the fantastic results obtained thus far show that this industry has a huge potential. Ever since sports betting was legalized in the US, the industry has followed an ascending path. Once sporting events resumed in fall 2020, betting came back stronger than ever. In October 2020 alone, US sports bettors wager a combined $3 billion. In November, the state of New Jersey beat the national sports betting record for a single month for the fifth time, generating a whopping $996 million in bets. At present, 20 states in the US allow sports betting, but the number is expected to increase in the following years.

Judging by the excellent track record of The Game Day, we can probably expect a similar performance from The Game Day Casino. After a small decline in 2020 due to the pandemic, the global casino and online gambling industry is projected to reach $266.6 billion in 2021, exceeding 2019 figures. The industry is expected to grow at an 11.4% CAGR, as more players become curious to try online casino games and more states take a positive stance on gambling.

Online casinos, of course, aren’t new. These platforms have existed for several decades now, but it was only in the late 2010s that they took off. Due to the latest tech innovations, graphics and gameplay became smoother and closer to the real thing, offering immersive experiences. In addition to convenience, extra perks such as bonuses and promotions helped online casinos rise to power, while land-based casinos failed to attract as many new players as in previous years. In 2020, when most physical casinos had to close down for COVID-19 safety reasons, online casinos became a major phenomenon and convinced even veteran fans to join the fray. Since they don’t have the same restrictions as physical casinos, online casinos can offer a wider variety of games and also a higher return-to-player percentage.

In 2021 and beyond, the popularity of online casinos isn’t expected to dwindle. On the contrary, more and more people are expected to join, and they will need specialized online platforms where they can keep up with the latest news, including new online casinos being launched and the best online bonuses. The Game Day Casino is one such platform, welcoming both new and veteran players with reliable tips and informative guides.