Via LA Times:  

“I can draw upon Orlando,” Rivers said, “because we had so much success doing it.”

“All the other stuff that people think matters in the recruitment, I don’t think Kawhi wanted to talk about that, so I didn’t. I talked about winning and basketball. Kawhi is a serious man, and I think you felt that with him. I think he felt the seriousness of me and how serious I am about winning, and he felt good about that match.”

“I guess the difference this time is I knew the league more. I knew me more. I had a body of work. The time with Tim and Grant and Tracy, I’d coached one year. I really didn’t have a body of work, so I think my body of work played in my favor this time.”

The Clippers will reportedly kickoff the 2019-20 NBA season “at home” against LeBron James, Anthony Davis, DeMarcus Cousins and the Los Angeles Lakers.  Should be a good one.  

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