Tony Furgeson defeated Donald Cerrone on Saturday night at UFC 238.  The fight was stopped between the second and third rounds after Cerrone’s eye swelled shut.

Following the fight Cerrone took the blame for the fight of the night ending early when he blew his broken nose between rounds.  That caused his already swollen eye to swell shut and the fight to be ended.

Via MMA Fighting:

“That was the fight I think everybody wanted,” Cerrone said in the octagon moments after referee Dan Miragliotta ruled Ferguson the winner via injury TKO. “I’m so sorry. I don’t quit. I don’t back down.

“Man, I just wanted to keep fighting. I was just asking, ‘Can you just push the air back down?’ You’re right, I shouldn’t have blown my nose. I’m a veteran, I’m old school, and I should’ve known that. But I did, and I humbly couldn’t finish the fight, and I apologize.”

Don’t worry, this isn’t the last time Furgeson and Cerrone will fight each other in the octagon.  There has already been talks that Dana White wants to setup a rematch.

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