Houston Rockets MVP James Harden has been doing a lot of work off the court the last few years. 

His hookup count is high. 

One of the girls he was dating from this past Summer is Nicole. 

Harden brought her to Vegas with him. 

Harden split with Nicole after the Summer, and has been going out with his ‘Main’ Girl Arabmonney. 

Now it appears Nicole has rebounded with another famous face. 

She’s being linked to Drake. 

Drake fans noticed that the rapper and a woman named Nik had on matching his and hers Richard Millies. 

Check out the screenshot below: 

That woman is Harden’s Nicole. 

We know Harden and Drake are pretty friendly, was this possibly an assist from Harden? Who’s to say, but we do know once these ladies get a taste of the celebrity lifestyle, they’re hooked. 

Check out more pics of Lesanik below: 

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