Via the Toronto Star:

Pick 6ix sports bar, famously linked to Drake, located at the heart of downtown has been closed due to unpaid rent, according to a termination letter issued by property management.

The lease termination, printed and plastered at the downtown venue, says $67,514.73 in rent has gone unpaid by the popular black-and-gold adorned pub located at 33 Yonge Street, just steps away from Union Station.

The restaurant first announced on Instagram that it would be closed until further notice due to flooding in the building as they worked to resolve the issue. A similar announcement appeared on the establishment’s front door.

This is Drake’s second restaurant in Toronto. Frings was the first. It closed in the summer of 2018 after two years. The popular restaurant, located at 455 King St. West, near Spadina, closed without providing a reason. It said it was time to “move on.”