These teammates are doing some work with the season only a few months away. Cousins just shared a video of Green cleaning his pool.

You have to be worried about the combination of Draymond and Boogie, now that we can tell all is good with these two Warriors. 

Golden State Warriors center DeMarcus Cousins said new teammate Draymond Green jokingly predicted they’re going to fight each other. Cousins and Green are both known for their short fuses, so who knows what will happen if things don’t go well. 

His partnership with Green in the post will be a crucial part of fitting in with the Dubs.

“So, we talked, we kind of communicated about what we both wanted, which was winning games,” Cousins told ESPN. “He openly said he knows I wouldn’t get as many touches and I don’t give a … I don’t care. And the same thing for me. It’s about winning the games. I think me and Draymond will mesh well.”

Cousins added he hopes he’ll complete his recovery and be ready to jump right into the starting lineup alongside Green, Curry, Durant and Klay Thompson when the regular season gets underway in October.