The rumors of trouble in paradise for golfer Dustin Johnson and his fiancee Paulina Gretzky appear to be true.  The rumors were fueled when Paulina scrubbed the father of her children from her Instagram page.

According to the Daily Mail, a 39-year-old socialite is to blame for the split.

Yassie Safai, 39, is believed to have been a contributing factor to the rift in Dustin Johnson’s which became evident after his fiancee deleted images of him from her Instagram. Sources said Safai’s friendship with the pro-golfer was a point of contention in his relationship with Paulina Gretzky.

Here’s a closer look at the woman behind the split.  

Personally I’m a Paulina guy, but I wasn’t in a relationship with her.  Not that it would necessarily change things, but it definitely could.