The Warriors have looked great without two-time NBA Finals MVP Kevin Durant.

While he recovers from a right calf strain, the reigning champions have won three straight playoff games with Steph Curry leading the way. It’s like they don’t miss Durant at all. 

Are the Warriors better off without Durant?

Via The Athletic

“That’s idiotic,” Green said Thursday after the Warriors’ 114-111 win in Game 2 of the Western Conference finals over the Blazers. “It’s very idiotic. I don’t think there’s one person in this locker room, one person in this organization that thinks that. And I know for damn sure that any idiot that does possibly (say) it don’t believe it.”

“When you have Kevin, he covers up so many things on both sides of the ball,” Green said. “Oh s–t, we haven’t scored in four possessions in a row? Get the ball to Kevin, get out of the way. On the defensive side, you mess up a pick-and-roll coverage, he’s right there to cover it up. He covers up so much for us.

“We don’t necessarily have to be perfect (when Durant’s out). But we’ve gotta be damn close to it.”

Curry has clearly been unleashed since Durant’s injury.

He’s averaging 35.3 points in the three games that Durant has missed, all Warriors wins.  

Durant couldn’t be on the floor with his Warriors teammates and is out for at least the next two games, but he still made his presence felt.

When the Warriors trailed by 15 points at halftime of Game 2, he was right there to pick them up in the hallway. 

After the game, Durant was there also.  

The Warriors are back-to-back champions. They’ve won three rings in the last four years. 

They never really needed Durant to win. 

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