Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, Robinson Cano didn’t hustle.

If you have only been casually following baseball over the past several years you probably have heard that.  What you’re unlikely to have heard is Cano’s excuse for not hustling on Friday night.

The Mets second baseman blamed the scoreboard for not hustling in the 7th inning of an 8-6 loss to the Marlins.  Cano hit into a double play with two on and one out.  He barely jogged to first. 

But don’t worry, Cano didn’t know how many outs there were because he says the scoreboard said there were two outs.  Everyone knows you don’t run full speed with two outs.

Cano owned up to his mistake and told his manager Mickey Callaway about the mistake:

“He came up proactively on his own and came up to me, the board said two outs, he thought there were two outs at the time, and he understands no matter what the board said, he needs to understand how many outs there are.”

It doesn’t sound like Callaway had a problem with his veteran relying on the scoreboard to know how many outs there were.  That’s probably one of the many reasons the Mets continue to be a trash organization.

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