In a new ad for Untuckit, Drew Brees jumps at the opportunity to talk about what he sees as an officiating error.

“The Right Call” contrasts Untuckit shirts’ with regular button-downs, which look sloppy when not tucked in, eventually arriving at its punchline:

Brees remarking:

“At least someone made the right call,” as a man passes by wearing an Untuckit shirt.

The ad makes its broadcast debut today and will run on networks including ESPN, FS1, CNN, Bravo, HGTV, TBS, TNT, E! and USA.

Untuckit founder Chris Riccobono said Brees initially reached out to the brand and is an investor as well as brand ambassador who has previously appeared in its catalog and print advertising.

It was just a matter of “waiting for the exact right moment” to feature Brees in a broadcast spot, Riccobono said.

“We’ve always positioned Untuckit as the right call. In the aftermath of the Saints-Rams playoff game [in which a pass interference that would have given the Saints a crucial first down was not called], we saw a way to deliver our brand message that also allowed Drew to acknowledge what happened in a humorous way.”

“Sports and athletes have always been a powerful platform for us,” he added, explaining the relationship with Brees is long term. Wayne Gretzky and Nascar driver Chase Elliot are also investors in the company, and Arizona Cardinals running back David Johnson is “also a great partner,” according to Riccobono.

That blown call is never going away. 

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