ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper is confident that the Arizona Cardinals will draft Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray with thr first overall pick.  He is so sure that he put the probability that Murray will be taken by the Cardinals at 99.9%. 

Kiper made the comments on Wednesday’s episode of the ESPN podcast “First Draft Show,” just a day after Murray paid a visit to the team. 

Kiper isn’t the first to say that the Cardinals are going to take the Heisman Trophy winner, but one would think he has a little more insider knowledge when it comes to the draft.

With Murray to the Cardinals almost a foregone conclusion at this point, the real question becomes, what will happen to Josh Rosen? 

Do they draft Murray and keep the former first-round pick?  Does Rosen get traded?  So much off-season fun left to be had.  

If Rosen does get traded away, hopefully it comes back to haunt the Cardinals.  There’s nothing better than when a team throwing a guy in the trash and he turns out to be a huge star.

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