On Saturday night Dwight Howard’s transgender ex Masin Elije took to Twitter to expose the Washington Wizards center.  Masin says he has contacted the police because Howard’s pastor is threatening him after he refused to sign an NDA.

Masin also claims Howard cheated on him at transgender sex parties.  This isn’t Masin’s first time making claims about celebrities.  

According to BSO, Masin has been caught in lies before.

That is really serious and Masin Elije does state that he has gone to police about it, which is very important if true, it should be fully investigated especially if Howard claims it isn’t true. It should also be noted that Elije is the author of a book called “Industry Hoe” and has been caught in lies about celebrities before. It doesn’t mean he is lying now, but it is important that people know the whole story and these are just allegations at the moment.

While that is true, if doesn’t necessarily mean the truth isn’t being told this time around.  Below are Masin’s allegations, via BSO:

Mason also released audio of both Howard and Howard’s pastor.

If true it puts Howard’s current buttocks injury in a different light.  It also confirms the rumors surrounding the center and his sexuality.