Masin Elijé, an author and social media personality, has accused Washington Wizards’ Dwight Howard of abusive behavior and threats to his life as he revealed alleged details about a past relationship with the player.

Elijé, a gay man, made the allegations on Twitter, saying that he had been harassed by Howard’s pastor when he refused to sign a non-disclosure agreement regarding their past relationship.

Now everyone is dissecting everything from Dwight’s past.  

Including this dick grab on teammate Isaiah Canaan from 2015. 

Watch below: 

Back when this dick grab occurred, no one thought much of it. 

Of course it made headlines, including this one from Vice Sports

Even our friends at BSO documented the dick grab. 

It appears Dwight was leaving plenty of “bread crumbs” around. 

At some point Dwight needs to open up about all the allegations.  

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