Tom Coughlin, executive vice president of football operations, said during an appearance on a Jacksonville radio station that the Jaguars (3-8) will have to go back to the drawing board after decisions made in free agency and the draft backfired.

“We were a whistle [away from the Super Bowl],” Coughlin said Tuesday morning on The Drill on 1010XL, referencing the play in which linebacker Myles Jack was ruled down after a fumble in a 24-20 loss to New England in the AFC Championship game.

Coughlin has declined numerous interview requests from Jacksonville-area media but made the guest appearance on the radio station as part of a fund-raising event to benefit The Tom Coughlin Jay Fund, which helps families battle childhood cancer.

Coughlin agreed something needed to be done to get the Jags out of their funk.

If the losing continues, the next thing for the Jags will be to fire the coaching staff. 

Parity in the NFL is just part of the modern day era. One year you’re great, the next, not so much. 

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