Eiza Gonzalez took to Instagram to respond to our post on Thursday night.  Shortly after our post about Klay Thompson trying to get back with her, she liked the same video Laura Harrier did back in April when Klay was caught cheating

Our source says Eiza liked the post just a half an hour after our post went live.

About 30 minutes after you put it the article online Eiza liked the same Rickey Thompson video that Laura liked when she caught Klay cheating the first time in April. 

Rickey should re-caption the video to “KLAY THIS MESSAGE IS FOR YOU FROM THE WOMEN YOU’RE SCREWING OVER”  😂😂
Pics from today with Eiza liking the same video.

So does this mean she isn’t interested in getting back with Klay?  Or she is?  Or is she just trying troll Laura Harrier?  Who knows, social media is a wild place.

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