Are you a sports fan? Do you enjoy sports betting or maybe the occasional thrill of supporting your favorite team by wagering for it to win? Well, you are not alone, and with an extensive collection of competitive leagues across the globe, bookmakers let you kick the thrills a notch higher. Today, at the comfort of your couch, you can access an online bookmaker and wager on your favorite team or player, giving you a chance to double the excitement as you celebrate your team’s win and pocket the profits.

Before you can enjoy such thrills, knowing the trending features comes in handy. For instance, if you have been keenly following English premier league proceedings, you have already spotted best scorers, defenders, and teams dominating the current run. With such knowledge, you can wager on top players to score, sides to win, or goals per game, to mention a few and enjoy a profitable betting experience.

If you are planning on wagering on the upcoming English premier league fixture, let’s take a quick dive on one of the top-tier match punters and soccer fans are looking forward to over the weekend. Chelsea sits a point above their rivals, Manchester City, and their visit to the Etihad Stadium will determine who takes the 3rd or second position subject to the in-form Leicester City performance against Brighton.

Sergio Aguero, among the top players in 2019-20 season, is looking forward to helping Manchester City to get past the upset they experienced at Anfield after a 3-1 loss to the currently undefeated Liverpool topping the table. With Chelsea enjoying six consecutive wins, both sides come to the match stable with no significant injuries reported.

Betting requires effective research for valuable insights and a little luck. While relying on luck doesn’t guarantee a profitable winning streak, knowing the current form, team news, and players statistics can help you to place wagers on the most promising bets. For instance, for punters, the upcoming Manchester City vs. Chelsea game is a chance to explore varying wagering approaches. From the in-form Tammy Abraham scoring to Sergio Aguero’s magical strikes finding the back of the net, there are numerous combination punters can utilize to pocket valuable wins as match-day 13 of 38 approaches.

As you log in to your preferred site such as sugarhouse casino and prepare your wager to join the English premier league thrills, it is recommendable that you choose bookmakers with competitive odds. Selecting an ideal bookmaker goes a long way in ensuring that you enjoy a seamless betting experience. For instance, apart from better odds, such a bookmaker is more likely to offer extensive markets covering a broad range of combinations. This allows punters to get the most out of their wagering quests as they have the freedom to choose their favorite markets. What’s more, with a reliable bookmaker, you can conveniently sign up, deposit using your preferred method, and withdraw your winnings with little to no friction. With such features, your betting experience will be not only fun-filled but also profitable as you can pick the most promising markets and wager according to your set budget.

We are counting hours to another exciting English premier league match-day with the 20 teams scheduled to play on Saturday and Sunday. With match-day 13 of 38 seeing the return of Jose Mourinho as he takes over from the former Tottenham Hotspur’s Mauricio Pochettino, soccer fanatics are in for a thrilling experience as the race to the top of the table continues to deliver shocking results.