Mornings on ESPN will look different this spring when its new morning show GET UP, featuring Michelle Beadle, Mike Greenberg, and Jalen Rose, premieres Monday, April 2. 

The weekday program will originate from a brand new studio at NYC’s South Street Seaport and will air live from 7-10 a.m. ET on ESPN, re-airing each day at 10 a.m. on ESPN2. The program will feature news, opinion, and analysis. 

“Sports fans start their days with sports and with ESPN,” said Bill Wolff, vice president, studio production, ESPN. “Our programming is based on two tenets – personality and authority. In both areas Michelle, Greeny, and Jalen are stars, which is why we’re so excited for Get Up.'”  

You can check out a preview of the new show below

Via Hollywood Reporter

“We need to be is flexible,” says Greenberg. “Fans of sports have different needs on diff days and we need to be all things to all people. There are days when we need to be the best news and info sports broadcast that there is; to cover a big story with the resources of ESPN. And then there are days that will lend themselves more to being stronger on analysis, the day after a particularly big game.”

Still, “when players take a knee, then it deserves coverage and conversation,” notes Wolff, referring to NFL players’ national anthem protests.

“If something political makes itself part of our world, we are dishonest and inauthentic if we don’t discuss it.” Rose has “never been muzzled in any way” during his decade at ESPN, he says: “I appreciate the fact that I’m able to talk about more than what happened in last night’s NBA game. And I think fans appreciate that. When our president tweets about sports, now he’s fair game.”

I wish sports shows would just stick to sports. I don’t think anyone really wants a mix of politics and sports. I think entertainment and sports are a much better mix. If you catch my drift