Earlier this week, NBA writer Brian Windhorst of ESPN wrote a fascinating story detailing much of the behind the scenes work that goes into keeping LeBron healthy and able to perform at this level well into his 30s. 

Out the entire article, one thing really stuck out. That could be because it sounds like total bull. Allegedly, LeBron once gained seven pounds during an Eastern Conference finals game back when he was with the Miami Heat. 


In the past 15 years, stories about LeBron James’ body have become a bit legendary with teammates.

Seeing him turn his ankle nearly 90 degrees only to tighten his shoelaces and finish with a triple-double. Watching him show up four hours before a playoff game to get in a sweat-soaked workout, then play more than 40 minutes and score 40 points. And the topper: the time James gained seven pounds during an Eastern Conference finals game.

Some Miami Heat teammates saw the scale and attest to it in amazement. James himself just shrugs and calls it “weird as hell.” The truly wild part is that it was from 271 pounds to 278 pounds, though James is much lighter these days.

This is just ludicrous. I understand boxers have to make weight before a fight, and then will gain the weight back before the bout. This is just not possible. 

LeBron is one of the all time greats, but are we really to believe he gained seven pounds over a three hour period. What’s more shocking is how close he was to being 300lbs. Who’s ready to see LeBron in a movie, let’s call it Seven Pounds. Oh yea, they already made that one.