Sports brand Reebok has denied claims that Beyoncé decided against a collaboration with them because of concerns that the brand lacked diversity.

The claims emerged in a conversation on ESPN’s The Jump where journalist Nick DePaula told fellow panellists that Beyoncé had been in talks with several brands after news broke of her athleisure brand Ivy Park signing a deal with Adidas.

In the clip Nick DePaula said he had been told that Beyoncé had taken “stepped back” from any potential partnership with Reebok because the team lacked diversity.

He said: “I heard a great story about how, you know, throughout this process, over the last year or two, she had discussions with Under Armour, and with Reebok as well, Jordan at one point was interested in maybe partnering with her.

“She had a meeting at Reebok and they had a whole presentation of everything –potential products and this could all look – and she kind of took a step back and said, ‘Is this the team that would be working on my product?’ And somebody said, ‘Yes.'”

According to DePaula, the singer went on to tell Reebok: “Nobody in this room reflects my background, not my skin colour, and where I’m from and what I want to do. And so she kind of took a step back and left, and it did not come to terms.”

A representative for Reebok told

“The report that Beyoncé walked out of a meeting with Reebok due to lack of diversity is categorically false.Our discussions with Beyoncé and her team continued for several months after our initial meeting. We are disappointed that false information is being reported as fact.”

DePaula still has yet to respond. 

Not sure why he wouldn’t apologize for repeating a fake story he had heard. 

It’s not that hard to retract something. 

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