What’s the deal with Tiger Woods and the Braves?

On a recent Talking Chop podcast, a writer for the Braves blog named Scott Coleman explained the Woods meme:

“There’s a photo of Tiger Woods … it’s him smiling, but he looks like he’s about to cry. It’s from years ago, he looks young in it. For whatever reason a few years back, I posted it once. it’s one of those, it’s easier to laugh than to cry. I posted it once and it kind of caught on and it’s been my thing for however many years now. We were talking after the Sunday night loss, tweeting back and forth that we should start changing our profile pictures. And I think the good folks over at Braves Reddit who were the first ones to change it over to the Woods photo.”


That sparked the viral meme that led the Braves to send this tweet, which is now a thing. 

Now this petition has been started:  

With the rise in popularity of the Tiger Woods/Atlanta Braves meme, it is only fitting thst he throws a first pitch at a Braves game before or after The Masters.  It would be a uniting factor for the fan base, and inevitably carve the Atlanta Braves’ way to the World Series. 

I guess you have to be a Braves fan to understand this whole thing. 

Because I don’t get it. 

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