There’s more Trolls living on twitter than under any bridge, and here’s a perfect example of one troll who got exactly what he/she wanted. 

Portland Trailblazers guard/small forward Evan Turner and some random dude on Twitter went toe to toe insulting each other, and things escalated pretty quickly.  It all started with some random listing a bunch of people he wanted to punch. 

I want to punch the following: Ricky Bobby, Shooter McGavin, Tony Romo, Eli Manning, @thekidet, Henry Rowengartner, Brock Lesnar & the Sedin Sisters of the Vancouver Canucks

Evan Turner replied quickly with a:

Shut up hoe

After that, Evan Turner doubled down

I’ll be back in Portland this summer. Let’s hit up a boxing gym. Put the gloves on. I’ll give you a shot. Lmk

Jake replied

Oh I’ll lose but I’ll still show up

ET seemingly continues

I’ll have my people get in contact with your people. I’ll move some things around in my schedule. Check your DMs. Lookin forward to it, cupcake

Jake replied with “Can’t wait, sweetheart”

We could see Evan Turner become the first NBA player to fight a Twitter follower.

A few bonus quotes from his Twitter.

Lol there’s no beef it’s more like charity cuz Buddy about to GET THESE MF HANDS!!

“Btch slap for a btch..” -Ari Gold

I only want his family there and a EMTs

Side note: E.M.T. Are my initials. I’m going to make buddy tattoo my name on his back since he likes the “pimp” culture. #youllbebrandedHOR

This isn’t a movie, I’m going to beat that ass. Like straight up

When told by a follower that he was “too pretty” to get into a fight, he ended with

Pretty but I’m grimey, dun!! 

Not sure why these athletes even engage with trolls on Social Media. They get goaded hook line and sinker. Use your head Evan, not worth it man. Just turn off your phone and enjoy your millions. Your off-season just got started.