This week Bruce Arians was quoted as saying Antonio Brown has changed and become too much of a diva, and that this isn’t the same Brown who was drafted in 2010.

Brown, of course, took to Twitter to respond, and decided to drag an old teammate into the mess:

Sanders shot back at Brown with his own thumbs Wednesday, explaining he was just doing his temporary job as a television analyst, recommending Brown “get off the gas” and finishing an emphatic 230 characters with “You did it to yourself.”

“Looking back at Pittsburgh, it was Antonio [Brown’s] destiny to be over there by himself and with no help,” Sanders said. “Because you want to talk about a guy, man, they feed him the ball. Being the No. 2 receiver over there is not fun at times.”

There’s some history and some deep-seated anger here. 

This should carry on all off season long. 

At least the drama with AB will.