Brendan Schaub is a comedy legend and TV personality. He hosts podcasts, among other things.  Brendan Schaub is famous for his brilliant career in professional sports. More exactly, UFC and NFL. Lately, however, he’s become a hero. While coming home from a date night with his wife, Brendan Schaub witnessed a horrific crash on the side of the freeway and stopped to lend a helping hand. In the U.S., citizens aren’t obliged by law to stop and render aid, but the former UFC fighter did it anyway. 

Witnessing a car accident first-hand requires a calm response given the disturbing circumstances. The size of a tractor-trailer alone makes it more dangerous than other vehicles on the road. Individuals can suffer catastrophic injuries or even be killed. Brendan Schaub managed to save four children and their mother (Aimee Garcia), rushing towards the vehicle even if gasoline was pouring on the road from the truck and dragging them to safety. 

The collision occurred on August 12 between an 18-wheeler and a 2003 Lincoln. By all accounts, the driver responsible for the accident slammed into oncoming traffic, aiming to kill his own family. Brendan Schaub and another gentleman were first on the scene and got the toddlers out of harm’s way. The youngsters, aged between 18 months and 9 years, suffered minor injuries and were immediately taken to the hospital. No sooner had the former UFC fighter gotten to his wife that than they left because it was far too dangerous to wait on the side of the road. 

The driver of the 18-wheeler who caused the crash has been accused of homicide committed with malice afterthought, attempted murder, child maltreatment, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and resisting arrest. Since his negligent behavior put others at risk, he can even be sued. The victims are all facing medical bills, physical pain, not to mention an uncertain future. They can reach out to a  lawyer for an 18 wheeler crash, who has in-depth knowledge of trucking industry regulations, technology, insurance, and practices. The victims can be adequately compensated for the damages sustained. 

After the harrowing experience, Brendan Schaub posted a link to the GoFundMe page, created by Aimee Garcia’s aunt. The money raised through the platform will help pay for the funeral. It seems that the ex-UFC fighter offered to pay for the funeral. What’s more, Brendan Schaub expressed his wish for helping the children. He has his mind set on helping them out. All it takes is a split of a second for a crash to occur, but the aftermath can stretch out for a long time. If one isn’t prepared, one could easily face financial devastation. 

Surprising as it may seem, 18-wheeler accidents are quite common. Large vehicles log in more hours as compared to passenger vehicles. Texas has seen more fatal crashes than any other American state. More than California, anyway. A collision is hard to imagine, let alone to live it through. All in all, big trucks pose a serious threat on the road, leaving motorists with serious injuries or even death.