A little over a year ago, Carolina Panthers quarterback and former Auburn star Cam Newton, became a father for the second time on Feb. 3rd, when his girlfriend, Kia Proctor, delivered a daughter. That was their second child together. 

Now we’re hearing she’s pregnant again, and Cam has baby # 3 on the way. Cam has a daughter from a previous relationship, so this will be his fourth child, and Kia’s third. 

Congrats  are in order for Cam Newton and  Kia Proctor. They’re pregnant with their third child says our source. Wanted to send it to you guys at Sportsgossip.com first! .   

So this is baby # 3 and no marriage yet. If I’m Kia I’m asking Cam to get married. That’s a whole lot of kids to have and just be able to walk away. She needs to secure that bag while she still can. 

Congrats to Cam and Kia on baby # 3, when we have more details we’ll be glad to pass them on. You heard it here first, just remember if you see it anywhere else, you know it was here first! SportsGossip.com delivers every day of the year, remember that.