As the NFL’s quarterback carousel keeps turning, Sam Bradford intends to sign with the Arizona Cardinals, a source tells ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

The Cardinals don’t have any other quarterbacks under contract.

Bradford’s deal is expected to be one year for $20 million, including $15 million guaranteed, with a one-year option for $20 million, according to the source.

This prompted recently retired running back Matt Forte to take a shot at the QB possiont. The problem with the NFL is it’s a QB league, where the running back is far more exciting 90% of the time. They’re grossly underpaid, and very much underappreciated. 

You can’t tell me Sam Bradford gets asses in the seats. Someone like Matt Forte, who really was as all purpose as it gets at the running back position, had to leave the Bears because they refused to pay the man. 

This is why the NFL is taking steps backwards. It needs to shift back to an RB league. All this passing is just corny. And to be honest Forte might be as good as 25% of the current QB’s on NFL rosters. 

Check out some highlights of Matt Forte’s illustrious career below, he deserved a lot more money, and certainly more respect.