WE broke the story, Danica Patrick’s ex, Ricky Stenhouse, has officially moved on from Danica. While Danica openly dates one of the NFL’s highest profile players, Ricky has quietly moved on. 

Ricky Stenhouse JR. not only has one of the best names in NASCAR, but he now is in another very serious relationship with Brittany Kellum. We received this tip below. 

That’s the pic of Brittany and Ricky from yesterday in Scottsdale. Her friend literally commented “Mrs. Brittany Steamboat?” And the commented again “too soon? sorry” and she liked the comments according to our source. Ricky is very serious with Brittany already, and they’ve talked about moving in together, according to our source. 

Here’s the picture in question below, they look very happy, and Ricky is probably thrilled he can continue this low profile relationship without all the baggage that Danica is handling on her end. Ricky looks as cool as a cucumber.  

Check out some more pics of Brittany Kellum below, she’s always been a fan of Ricky Stenhouse Jr. Remember if you’re not first, you’re last. 

So after Ricky’s  5-year relationship with NASCAR driver Danica Patrick, he’s fully on to the next one. Now it’s starting to make sense why he publicly pumped the brakes when it came to marriage to Danica. He must have no she wasn’t the one.