Ezekiel Elliott is known for a few things. Of course, he’s a the star running back on the Dallas Cowboys, but he’s also known for a fashion trend that never really caught on. 

Zeke is often seen with the crop top jersey, and is always showing off his midriff for some strange reason. Now we were tipped off that Zeke is all about the fly down? No seriously though, look at this pic of Zeke with Rapper Trippie Redd. It’s wide open. 

The fly down is a much better look than the crop top. I’m not saying it was intentional to have his fly down with another dude shirtless, but it’s right there for you to see. I looked up this Trippie Redd guy, he’s really out there. 

Zeke’s pattern of behavior indicates trouble is ahead. You hang around in certain circles, and trouble will find you, even if you’re trying your best to avoid it. Zeke needs to refocus on football, and if he can stay out of trouble, the Cowboys have one of the best in the league for at least four of five more years.