Horse racing has been in India for over 200 years and it became a very well developed industry.  Surprisingly, while Indian casino online is banned in most regions, horse race betting was never forbidden. They said that horse racing was more of a matter of skill, than a matter of luck. You will find out some attractive info about famous jockeys and their secrets to success.

Suraj Narredu

Suraj is one of the top jockeys that India was glad to have. He was born in Bangalore and started horse racing at the age of 12. His family was really supportive towards his dream of becoming a jockey and helped him make a successful career.  One of the highlights of Suraj’s career was when he won the McDowell Indian Derby in 2015 with Be Safe(his horse). He said that Be Horse was the best horse he ever had. If you are passionate about horse racing you should try Indian casino online and check out their offers.

Ruby Walsh

Ruby was born in Ireland and was a former jockey. He was the third most rich winner in the Irish and British jump. His career was flourishing, but he also had some major injuries.  He repeatedly fractured his leg, but returned every time until  2018 when he somehow made his latest injury become worse. He had a lot of big wins in Ireland, France and Japan. However, even though jockeys are forbidden to play at casinos, there is no reason why we shouldn’t enjoy some horse racing bets at Indian casino online.

Sir Tony McCoy

Sir Tony McCoy is another irish former jockey. He holds a record of 4358 winners and he was the winner of Champion Jockey 20 times in a row. He basically won every big race he faced. You can say he fulfilled all the goals as a horse racing jockey. He was named the Personality of the Year by BBC Sports, he wrote his autobiography and since his retirement he’s been really focused on his diet. Tony seems to be the embodiment of success in his world.

Laffit Pincay, Jr

Laffit Pincay, born on December, 29th  still holds the third place for winning in flat races. In his case, horse racing was like a family tradition. He learnt to ride from watching his father and wanted to follow his steps. He began racing in his natal city, Panama. He had over 9000 victories and broke Bill Showmaker’s record regarding the  number of wins. He also has a place in the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame.

Pesi Shroff

Pesi Shroff was an Indian jockey and started his career at 16 years old. He rode over 5000 races and won 1751 of them, including Derby and classic races. So far, he is the only jockey that piloted 8 winners in the Mahalaxmi race in Mumbai. He had long-term associations with Vijay Mallya and rode for the Indian Turf owners.  He retired in 2004, was married to his highschool girlfriend and became a trainer.

Mike E. Smith

Mike was born on August 10th in New Mexico and he is known as the oldest jockey of all times. Mike E. Smith is the living proof that age is just a number. He started riding at a young age( 11 years old). He got his riding licence at 16 years old, dropped out of school and began a racing circuit. Even though most jockeys reach retirement at his age, Mike proved everyone wrong and won with Justify(his horse) the US Triple Crown in his 50s. He is also the second most rich rider  in Jockey, having won over 22816 million Rs.

Lester Piggott

Former jockey, Lester Piggott is known to be one of the greatest jockeys at flat racing of all times. He had 4493 victories and another 9 at Epsom Derby. Lester was very competitive and he always maintained his weight with 30 pounds less than his natural weight. You should know that for a flat racing winner, the weight is very important. The proper weight  for a flat race is 49 kg when there are obstacles, and 51kg when the course has none. Piggot won his first race at the young age of 12 years old.  He also retired in 1985 and became a trainer.


Horse racing is one of the many gambled sports on Indian casino online. You can enjoy watching the races, placing your bets and having a good time at your favorite casinos.  Racing has taken a great development and became an industry in some countries. If you find yourself impressed by famous jockeys and horse racing you can take a shot and try betting on some races. Since is more of a skill than just luck, you might have the best odds.