Advancements in technology are a regular occurrence in this digital age we find ourselves living in today. There are so many breakthroughs that they are no longer headline news. What is clear though, is that it is getting increasingly hard for the public to keep up with new technology. Businesses have to make sure they are on top of things though, as they could get left behind if they do not regularly keep up with and embrace new technology. 

The Gambling Industry and Digital Technology 

No matter what your view is of the current gambling industry, it is a form of entertainment that many individuals enjoy. It is also a very savvy industry that has remained at the top due to wise choices being made by those that matter. The smartest move by far was the decision by the gambling industry to move many of its gambling games slot online, back in 1996. This was only made possible by the shrewd thinking of gaming and software developers Microgaming. They figured out that the future of gambling was online and from 1994 to 1996, they developed the first fully operational online casino software. 

The first online casino bonus used the software and launched in 1996. WMS produced the first virtual video slot that could be played on this platform, in the same year. Both proved huge hits and this fuelled the rapid growth of online slots and online casinos. The success can be attributed to the entertaining slot games themselves, but the major factor here is the accessibility of virtual slots. Punters do not need to leave their homes to play slots and if they do, then they can take casinos with them, courtesy of mobile casinos and smartphones. This accessibility has led to the masses embracing gambling, online casinos and slots like never before. This new wide audience is a demanding one and they expect the slots world that they regularly visit, to continue to move with the times. 

The Future 

Inventing Megaways slots recently, is all well and good, but the slots playing audience is waiting for a major change in the way slots are played. This means that the next logical step for the slots industry to take is to create Virtual Reality and 3D slot games. Full immersion is where video gaming is going and slots look as though they are going to go the same way courtesy of VR too. 

The Riftcasino app has already given punters a taste of the future of slots gambling. This app allowed punters to walk through a 3D virtual casino and play fully interactive slots that were controlled by body movements. However, a major part of the thrill of playing slots was missing and this was the gambling element. SlotsMillion solved this issue for punters and offered punters a more complete virtual reality gambling experience. 

Final Thoughts 

With so many games getting a Megaways makeover, you can expect the same to happen when VR slots are rolled out more widely. If punters suffer no adverse effects from being in a virtual slot world, then you can guarantee that this is the future of the industry.