Fun-loving streaker Kinsey Wolanski (Check out her pics above) decided to show off her amateur gymnastic skills as she donned a sparkling blue leotard and headed into town to perform her skills in random public places.

You may remember Wolanski from her jaw dropping streak. 

Now she’s back at it.

Wolanski mimicked a beam routine while balancing on railings, performed a bars routine while on a bus and did stretches and jumping jacks on the sidewalk near a busy road as she turned heads with her hilariously enthusiastic, if slightly unpolished, performances.

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And while her around-town acrobatics certainly turned heads, it was her performance on the handrails of an escalator that stole the show, as she precariously balanced across both moving handrails on the down escalator while members of the public tried on the up side did their best not to stare.

Flip the Page to see her “Routine:”