Do you often crave to hold a bat in hand and hit a sixer? Well, you are not alone in the queue. Cricket has been the main attraction among individuals belonging to different age groups all around the globe. With online games dominating the gaming industry in times of pandemic, Fantasy Cricket became the most sought-after online game. Whether you have been missing gully cricket with friends or you, once upon a time, aspired to be a cricketer, the Fantasy IPL app gives you an opportunity to enjoy the game on a smartphone. Though there are multiple platforms that offer gamers a chance to play the fantasy sport, the tips and tricks applied to win the game are more or less the same for all. 

When you step into the virtual pitch, the only aim you have is to win. Given the importance of victory for gamers, here are some of the best Fantasy Cricket tips and tricks to help them win the game in 2021.

Choose a Team

Cricket is all about having the best team. Eleven players who can guarantee a win is what the sport is all about. Remember, if you win, you can earn big time. Make sure you assess the capabilities of the players before you select them to be on board. 

Know the Pitch

The type of pitch you will be playing in has a crucial role to play in every match. Before you begin the game, don’t forget to explore if the pitch you are about to get exposed to is high-scoring or low-scoring. This will help you further in selecting the number of batsmen and bowlers to have in your team. If it’s a level pitch, you can have more batsmen in your team as they would love to play on it. In addition, you can be lenient in selecting a decent number of bowlers for the team.

Assess the Weather

If you are scheduled to play in inclement weather, it is important to be prepared even for the worst situations to arise during the session. It might be a Fantasy IPL app that you are playing on but the feeling is real. Hence, if you are having inclement weather to play the sport in, you should have the best team to tackle the game. Even the best players fail to handle the situations in bad weather. Hence, you must be extra careful.

Consider Form & Potential

Most of the time, gamers take into consideration the form of the player. The form depicts how good or bad a player has been performing over a period of time. However, there are instances where cricketers have been playing really well but they have, unfortunately, performed negatively in many important matches of their life. Thus, it is recommended to assess a player equally on the basis of both potential and form.

Filter Best Batsmen

Having the most talented group of batsmen is a must to ensure a win in the sport. Of course, every player in the team is important but the runs recorded highly depend on the capabilities of the one holding the bat. The bigger you set the target, the higher are the chances of a win, right?

Get your Bowlers

Like batsmen, bowlers too are the crucial determinants in a team. While the former sets high targets by keeping their run rates high, a good bowler’s job is to either take wickets or prevent the batsman from scoring runs.

Select the Captain & Vice-captain

You should make sure the captain and vice-captain chosen are the most deserving and the ones the team can rely on. After all, the captain gets 2x points while the vice-captain gets 1.5x points for their performances in the real time game. These two players should be the ones who know how to keep the team on one page and work in complete coordination even during the toughest moments while the game is on.

Decide the Sequence

When you choose to bat, make sure you know the sequence in which your batsmen appear on the ground. It looks unimportant but is the most significant decision to make, especially if you are a captain. 

Explore Promo Codes

For a fantasy cricket game, you are likely to pay a subscription amount. In that case, never forget to explore the bonus codes. Apply the same and be eligible for a discount. Though you get an opportunity to earn, the platforms make sure these promo codes keep you interested while igniting the flames of winning in you. 

Choose Your Games

There are multiple contests available for you to join. Choose the one that you think would be the best for you to showcase the talent of each and every member of the team and which ensures victory for you. 

Of course, fantasy cricket league apps like MPL allow you to collaborate with friends and colleagues, but that does not mean you should select a mediocre team with random players. After all, winning a game against friends is super fun! Whether you are a novice or an experienced player, these tactics will let you strategize your game. If you follow the above tips and tricks while playing the Fantasy Cricket games, especially on the Fantasy IPL app, the win is yours. Go for it and record yet another triumph to your winning diaries.