Do you find yourself wondering why games or sports were invented, and how it all came about? I guess the answer to that isn’t far fetched, as first, humans are social beings and secondly when we socialize, there has to be something that binds us together in a very happy and enjoyable way.

Some argue that the reason for game invention was because humans, have always been competitive by nature and has always sought out ways to showcase their talents or abilities and at the same time entertain people while at it.

But for whatever reasons sports where invented there is no denying the fact that it unifies us in more ways than can be explained. There is this adrenaline rush that surges through our veins when watching sports or any other form of entertainment.

But then, in this present millennium, there are now so many different sports and games available, and many more are being invented.

We are for this article going to be talking about the almighty game of golf. Why golf? well—for starters, it is a sport that has gained universal popularity globally. Secondly it a game or sport with a drive. And thirdly, It is a game that has been dominated by men, or should I say that female golf players haven’t gotten the proper global fame and recognition they deserve. And the last but not the least—you need a robust mental attitude to be able to play golf and play it well.

The third reason above is why we are going to be shedding some light on one or two female players and their areas of strength. So as to encourage more women to engage in this wonderful sport.

The first problem that most women are faced with, is the issue of where to buy and what equipment to buy. Some ladies starting out usually rent or use other people’s equipment to start. But this is a very big mistake, as no two golf equipment is the same and secondly you have to go for a gear that suits your style and mode of play.

There are a lot of golf shops and online platforms to acquire good gears (thanks to technology.) But before acquiring a gear online, make sure you have tested that type of equipment, and you are sure it’s suitable for you.

For some time, there has been this major misconception that golf is a man’s game, which is very far from the truth. There have been women who have achieved fantastic fits in the world of golf.

Kathrynne Ann Whitworth

She was born on September 27, 1939, in Monahans, Texas. She had 88 LPGA wins throughout her golfing career.

Kathryne had more wins than female had ever won in the LPGA and PGA tours. At the peak of her career in 1981, she became the first woman LPGA tour to reach the earning of one million dollars.

She became a professional golf player when she was 19, which was when she joined the LPGA in December 1958.

Between the year 1966 to 1973, she was declared LPGA player of the year. Not only that, between the year 1965 to 1972 she won the Vore Trophy for best scoring average.

One of her greatest achievement was perhaps in 1975 when she was entered in the World Golf Hall of Fame.

The list of her merits goes on and on. But I want to draw your attention to one of her greatest strength. Which is her power hit, that produces strides and strides of great distance.

How does she hit so far? that is usually the questions asked by most observers. Strength training, stretching, finely tuned equipment and lots of practice are certainly part of the reason for her outstanding hits, not to mention incredible amounts of talents.

The truth is that making a powerful golf shot is more a question of speed and leverage than size. Obviously, a taller person with longer and stronger arms will be able to create a bigger swing arc and more potential power. The emphasis on “potential power”—it is going to remain a potential until a player learns to unlock it.

This holds true for every golf player of any size or sex. If you want to hit the ball as far as you can, then you have to have a swing that translates your “potential power” into yards.

Mary Kathryn

Mary is—was an American professional golf LPGA tour champion. She was born on the 14th of February, 1935. She joined the tour in the year 1955 and had thirteen major championship wins.

Kathryn had eighty-two tour events/wins throughout her career (which puts her just behind Kathrynne Ann Whitworth on the all time win list), and is also like Ann Whitworth a member of the golf hall of fame.

Her first and most important title was U.S girls junior golf event in 1952. Mary was particularly good at sand shots.

A common mistake made on sand shots is to hang back on the right side at impact in an effort to scoop or lift, the ball out of a bunker. Now while the upward movement may sometimes work—the margin of error is very small which means that the slightest deviation at impact will lead to a bladed or chuncked shot.

Learning from Mary, the best way of taking this shot, is instead of hanging back and scooping, the weight should stay over the left side throughout the swing. Also, the hips should rotate so the body turns toward the target at impact. This movement can be likened to tossing a softball—whereby the hips turn out of the way before letting go of the ball.

In conclusion

The reason references were made to these two women is to let you know that there has been not just two but many women who have accomplished superb fits in the game of golf. And most importantly to encourage women to participate in this fantastically amazing sport.